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Beer Buzz Friday: Mix-and-Match six packs in Atwater Village

May 4, 2012

It looks like any other liquor store from the outside – large posters advertising the lottery, 18-pack Budweiser, and cigarette specials plastering the windows along the sidewalk. But head to the far wall inside Bill’s Liquor in Atwater Village and we’ve got ourselves a little mini beer heaven.

And we’re always on the lookout for a good deal, hence our new Friday tradition to pick up a mix-n-match six pack of microbrews at Bill’s. $9.99 per size pack (plus CRV, tax, bla bla bla) isn’t exactly the most stellar deal – it used to be $8.99 – it still gives us (and beer novices) a chance to try something we haven’t had yet, one bottle at a time. And they do rotate some of the beers to keep you on your toes.

Today we picked up a couple of Scrimshaws, Humboldt Brown, Abita Turbodog, Hangar 24 Alt-Bier, and Celis Grand Cru. The Celis Grand Cru is new to me – claiming to be authentic belgian-style ale (a bit of an oxymoron), it’s drinkable but a little too heavy on the orange peel for my tastes. On to Abita Turbo, and English brown ale and apparently a favorite of the New Orleans crew. I just can’t seem to escape the dark beers these days!

Work is just so much better with beer.

Our crystal ball says this is going to be a new trend for larger liquor stores in the area.

A great variety of refrigerated beers

The "mix-n-match" section

beer to-go

Beer Buzz Friday: Anchor Porter

April 28, 2012

Anchor Porter

Anchor Porter is a dark beer – like a really dark beer. The Anchor Steam (San Francisco) brew pours a deep almost pure black color with a thick brown foam. Compared to some of the more bitter porters in the micro-brew industry, it’s extremely smooth and velvety going down. But it’s also got the chocolate and coffee flavor followed by a creamy caramel finish. Strange enough, no tulip glass required – drank it straight from the bottle without feeling any beer snob angst. It would be welcome company to a foggy, Bay Area night and some Barry White.

Picked this six pack up for about $12 at The House of Spirits in Echo Park – a little pricey for me but we enjoyed every bit!

It’s also important to note that while taking photos of beer, one must also drink the beer (hence the partially consumed bottle in the photo).

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What to expect from Girls Who Like Beer

April 25, 2012

At last! The launch of Girls Who Like Beer. An idea that sprouted a couple of years ago as an excuse for me to drink more… beer!

Not your typical Los Angeles resident, I’m a northern California mountain girl who knows how to build a camp fire and kick back (or keep up) with the boys. A former bartender, a graphic designer, and a budding foodie, I’m an experienced Angeleno living in the neighborhood of Echo Park. And the most important thing?

I don’t diet, I’m not experienced with lipstick, and the high heels are currently collecting dust. But it’s not just about beer – it’s about the lifestyle of beer-lovers, a rustic girl’s guide to Los Angeles. Who’s got the best happy hour? The strongest margaritas? Belgians on tap? Bar food to die for?

This website is a personal endeavor – you may get glimpses into my life – as well as a place for fellow beer-loving Angelenos to contribute. For those girls who say they don’t like beer – ditch the fufu girlie shots at the bar (no Red Headed Slut shots here), and get to know the carefully crafted brews that make life worth living and Los Angeles worth exploring.