Beer bloggers summit: Tips on beer photography

February 24, 2014

Yesterday we attended the Los Angeles Beer Bloggers summit at the wonderful Smog City Brewing in Torrance. A panel discussion, led by Beer of Tomorrow/LA Times writer John Verive, focused on one of our favorite subjects of all time: Beer photography!

The panel included Tyler Graham of Stone Brewing, professional photography Joshua Liberman, Laurie Porter of Smog City Brewing, and professional (beer) photographer Bernie Wire. While we got a lot of great information from the Q&A session, some of the tips we’re taking note of for the future are:

  • Get creative with the angles and lighting
  • Include in the photograph the environment around you (the people, the location, etc)
  • Get weird and whacky (that one came from Bernie)

You’ll find some of our photos soon on the L.A. Beer Bloggers website. In the meantime, this has us thinking of some crafty ways to take pictures of beer that won’t bore our audience to death. As a way to get us all inspired, here are just a few of our favorite Instagram photographers taking some unique and pretty awesome beer photos:


Beer Yoga

Who knew you could pair these two great things together?

Bernie Wire

THE beer photographer (and a speaker at the LA Beer Bloggers summit on beer photography)

Beer Lives Here

A very inspiring set of photos! Makes our beer photos look borrrrrring.


What’s cuter than a one-eyed kitty and craft beer?

The Beer Prophet

Consistently nice photos throughout!

Girls Who Like Beer (that’s us!)

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DIY beer cap projects

July 19, 2012

When it comes to my favorite DIY projects, it’s always about turning recycled pieces and products into cool conversation pieces. We’ve been collected wine corks for some time now for various projects, and just recently started adding bottle caps to our junk drawer with the plan to do something fun and different with them. I think we’d like to have a nice table in the yard for our BBQs, but there are lots of things to do with the caps. More images and ideas after the jump!

Just a bit of the collection thus far

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