Not enough beer fro you? Drop us a line if you’ve got a place we should check out.


I work at Sonic Foamer, and we're hitting up all the beerfests!  I hope I get to meet y'all!  I love the blog!  It's funny and is spot on with the beers and I love the random facts!!!  If you're going to be at the OCBeerFest or down in San Diego during beer week please let me know!  I'll give you guys one of our units to mess with!  You can email me at or you can just call or text at 760-207-3158.  Hope to meet y'all soon!  Cheers!!!


Hi Girls who like Beer!

We have a place for you to visit!

LA Spice is a casual fine dining cafe with a Michelin rated chef in Culver City. We have a few specialty craft beers, and we are open until 9pm, also offering a happy hour on Monday from 2-5pm. 

We serve an Allagash White, Abita Turbodog, Hop Notch IPA, Mission Hefeweizen, Mission Amber Ale, Bard's Gluten Free, Clown Shoes Muffin Top IPA, Clown Shoes Vampire Slayer Stout, and even an Erdinger Non-Alcoholic beer. 

Not only do we have many craft beers list to chose from, but we're run by girls. CEO LeAnne Schwartz has run LA Spice as an event and catering company for 25 years now and the two head cafe managers are females as well. In the end, we know what girls want, and we knows girls who like beer will love LA Spice. 

You'll love our food too! We're all about quality ingredients and we take the farm to table concept quite literally. Our menus are seasonal, we quite often visit the Santa Monica Farmers Market, and our adventurous menu options reflect the melting pot of ethnicity here in Los Angeles. 

To see our extended list as well as our wine and food options, visit our menus page on our website:

Don't hesitate to contact us if you have any questions!

Amanda Womack

Marketing Manager at LA Spice